Become a Validator

Before setting up your validator node, make sure you have already gone through the Join a Network guide.

What is a Validator?

Validators are responsible for committing new blocks to the blockchain through voting. A validator's stake is slashed if they become unavailable or sign blocks at the same height. Please read about Sentry Node Architecture to protect your node from DDOS attacks and to ensure high-availability.

Users looking to operate a Friday validator should study up on the correct security model, study robust network topologies, and familiarize themselves with the Friday Consensus Mechanism.

Create Your Own Validator

  • Prepare local wallet

  • Create validator

    clif hdac create-validator \
    --from <wallet alias> \
    --pubkey $(nodef tendermint show-validator) \
    --moniker <validator moniker name>
  • Bond amount

    clif hdac bond --from <wallet alias> 10 0.01 30000000

If you want to disconnect your validator node, please beware of unboning it first!