What & why nickname?

In transfer, currently we should execute as like that, in address form: friday15evpva2u57vv6l5czehyk69s0wnq9hrkqulwfz -> friday1y2dx0evs5k6hxuhfrfdmm7wcwsrqr073htghpv

It is very hard to check and remember this kind of complex way. It needs to implement our kind-of-ID in readable way.

Nickname feature is kind of alias of the address that helps users remembering and reducing risks against mistakes.

Different point of wallet alias

  • Wallet alias: Local mapping. Other users cannot use it in transfer, or some other function.

  • Nickname: Global mapping. All users can use nickname instead of address

Nickname rules

Hdac main supports readable nickname for better usage. You may organize up to 20 letters with 0-9, a-z, '-', '.', and '_' . With this feature, you don't have to memo recipient's complex hashed address. Just remember easy address and send token! Of course, you can also use previous hashed address system. This is optional for your availability.