Join a Network

Before setting up your node, make sure you have install Friday binaries.

Do not Deploy Your Own Friday Testnet.

Setting Up a New Node



  • First, run execution engine grpc server on your Friday directory

    ./CasperLabs/execution-engine/target/release/casperlabs-engine-grpc-server $HOME/.casperlabs/.casper-node.sock -z
  • Init your node

    nodef init <node_name> <consensus_module> --chain-id <chain_id>
    • You may set node_name what you want

    • You should input chain_id information described in launch repository

    • The consensus_module must be entered by selecting friday or tendermint. It should match the chain, so check line 3-4 of genesis.json.

  • Edit config.toml file of your config directory (default: $HOME/.nodef/config)

    # Comma separated list of seed nodes to connect to
    seeds = "" -> "<genesis node's ID>@<genesis node's IP>:26656"
  • Replace genesis.json file of launch repository to your config directory

  • Start your node

    nodef start
  • Finally, your node syncs blocks from network and you can use your node when block sync finished

Trouble Shooting

  • If your node doesn't start properly, you may execute reset and do instruction again

    nodef unsafe-reset-all