Deploy Your Own Friday Testnet

Before setting up your node, make sure you have install Friday binaries.


Follow the steps below to create genesis block file and set initial validator.

# run execution engine grpc server
./CasperLabs/execution-engine/target/release/casperlabs-engine-grpc-server -t 8 $HOME/.casperlabs/.casper-node.sock -z&
# init node
nodef init testnode tendermint --chain-id testnet
# copy execution engine chain configurations
cp ./x/executionlayer/resources/manifest.toml ~/.nodef/config
# create a wallet key
clif keys add elsa # select password
clif keys add anna # select password
# add genesis node
nodef add-genesis-account $(clif keys show elsa -a) 100000000stake
nodef add-genesis-account $(clif keys show anna -a) 100000000stake
nodef add-el-genesis-account elsa "1000000000000000000000000000" "1000000000000000000"
nodef add-el-genesis-account anna "1000000000000000000000000000" "1000000000000000000"
nodef load-chainspec ~/.nodef/config/manifest.toml
# apply default clif configure
clif config chain-id testnet
clif config output json
clif config indent true
clif config trust-node true
# prepare genesis status
nodef gentx --name elsa # insert password
nodef collect-gentxs
nodef validate-genesis

Start Your Own Genesis Node

nodef start

Congratulations! Now Hdac testnet is on running. From now on, you may make a fun with Hdac token. You may proceed to next chapter.